GameCraft Launch

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GameCraft Launch Package is the perfect solution for basketball organizations looking to streamline their operations. For a single upfront cost, this package offers an array of features, such as improved data accuracy, increased efficiency, and cost savings. Enjoy the benefits of this comprehensive package and ensure your basketball organization runs smoothly.

Having our own online store helped fund our team throughout our season - Tri-State Volleyball Association

What's included:

Hassle Free Ordering ($299.99) - The GameCraft Launch Package offers stress-free ordering with an order-to-make process that includes a pre-negotiated discount. Benefit from a streamlined ordering process and discounted rates without sacrificing quality.

Online Jersey Store ($1,199.99)- The GameCraft Launch provides your team with a platform to sell your jerseys on your own custom-built e-commerce store created and managed by Infinite.

Royalties (Included with the store) -  The GameCraft Launch offers royalty collection from every sell on their store, giving you more control over your income stream and peace of mind. With accurate royalty earnings tracking, you can maximize your potential revenue.

Order management and fulfillment (Included with the store) - Our order management and fulfillment services ensure orders are processed quickly and accurately, so your fans get their product(s) on time.

24/7 Customer Service ($564.99)- Enjoy round-the-clock support from experienced specialists, ensuring your fans get the help they need when they need it.

Store(s) must maintain $500 in revenue every 6 months to stay online.